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baby naming ceremonies

Baby naming ceremonies celebrate a very significant event in family life - the arrival of a new family member. Share the occasion with family and friends with a delightful naming ceremony.

Although a baby naming is not a religious ceremony, you can still appoint godparents. For those who prefer another term, guardians, mentors, guideparents or supporting adults can be appointed for the baby.

I can help you with ideas and resources for your baby's naming ceremony and together we will create a ceremony that will be memorable for you and your family.

There are so many different and special ways to welcome your new precious bundle into this world!

A guide to the ceremony format most often used usually consist of:

  • Introduction and welcome to family and guests
  • The Naming and Blessing
  • Appointment of Godparents, Mentors or Guardians
  • Perhaps a Candle Ceremony or Tree-Planting Ceremony or Other
  • Conclusion - a reading may follow or a song

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